An Effective Method To Organize A Dissertation Bibliography

When writing a dissertation, one cannot avoid referencing the works of other published authors, this is an important part of research and academic progress. Throughout history, many people have made great discoveries with a large number of these being made through analysis of past theories and discoveries made by others before them.

In any form of research, it is important to pay tribute to the works of persons whom you may have referenced in your paper and in some cases, it may be advantageous to provide your readers with a bibliography of specific texts referenced in your paper. The following short points will provide you with an effective method to help you organize a dissertation bibliography:

  1. Identify the important aspects of your study
  2. Before yo begin writing, take some time to review the paper and jot down the important parts, be sure to check thoroughly, you do not wish to exclude any important information.

  3. Summarize the significant information contained in the text
  4. In a bibliography, you are not trying to be extremely detailed by providing every bit of information on every given topic. You do, however, need to provide enough information to create a complete document, with enough information to provide readers with an adequate understanding of the original paper.

  5. Utilize an official format style
  6. These are not templates but they are very close. They are simply a set of guidelines and each style has its own, telling an author how to construct each section of a given paper type. They can all be easily found via an online search, you should check with your instructor to before selecting one if you are unsure of existing policies concerning format styles.

  7. Be concise and to the point
  8. While you want to provide adequate information in your paper, you must not produce a lengthy document. To do this, you should do some drafts before making your final document, each time shaving off the irrelevant information, to eventually remain with a condensed, but complete document.

  9. Fully summarize the text but focus on points of significance to your paper
  10. It is important to provide information on every significant section of the paper, however you should focus on the most significant sections a bit more than the rest. This enables you to present a strong case for the original topic in both the dissertation and the bibliography, thereby maintaining the strength of the argument.

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