Fake News Dissertation Topics

Fake news is almost an integral part of modern journalism. Maliciously spread to soil the names of agencies, persons or entities with the motivation to gain mileage politically or financially, fake news triggers many negative emotions and opinions. Writing dissertations on fake news can cover a range of topics, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Did Fake News Aid The 2016 Donald Trump’s Presidential Win?

Insights from political analyzers and specialists have confirmed that fake news aided Trump’s presidential win in 2016. The insights point to the fact that fake news was used to catalyze Donald trump’s campaigns. A dissertation on this topic can cover how the use of fake news and misuse of the media helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential elections.

How Advertising Revenue and Fake News Relate?

Fake news has been used to emphasize the usefulness of advertising campaigns. Even after Facebook and Google introduced harsher terms controlling the sharing of false advertising content, the trends have not reduced totally.  When writing a dissertation on this topic, you can write an investigative piece discussing the relationship between fake news and advertising revenue.

Social Media and Fake News: The Dynamics of Relationship

The invention and growth of social media have led to an increase in the distribution of fake news. Social media sites are playing a huge role in the sharing of poorly researched and unconfirmed news.

How Fake News has led to Increased Islamic Extremism

The use of fake news has opened a way for young people to get recruited to Islamic organizations. Through fake news, the spread of extremist discourses has increased hence aiding in the recruitment process. In this context, you can explore the many ways fake news has encouraged religious and political extremism.

How has Fake News evolved and developed since the Nineteenth Century?

The use of fake news didn’t start a century ago. Since the 18th century, fake news has been used by media outlets to change how the public perceives different political or religious subjects. It was massively used in print media in the 19th century, and it’s considered the main cause of Greet Moon Hoax of 1835, through which yellow journalists triggered the Spanish-American war via fake news. A dissertation on this topic can discuss the evolution of fake news.

How the Public perceives fake News

In this dissertation, you’ve to discuss the perception of fake news by the public. Fake news significantly affects the public’s opinion of different subjects most significantly during national elections. In the United States, fake news had a significant effect on the way the public viewed the 2016 election campaigns and results.

Chinese Internet Censorship and Fake News: The Differences and Relationships

In 2016, the fake news spread about the presidential elections ended up in the Chinese media outlets. That allowed the Chinese government to intensify internet censorship. That caused more Chinese citizens to report any site they believed to spread fake news.

Effects of Fake News on Democracy

Fake news has been used to sell some candidates and criticize some, something which has affected voters’ right of fair voting. That has negatively affected democracy in many ways, especially by violating the democratic right of free speech.

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