Unique and Impressive Sociology Dissertation Topics 

Research, no matter how deep it's conducted, can never be an innovation in academics. Writing dissertations is more about researching existing ideas and composing unique, informative, and useful pieces. A perfect dissertation covering the topic of sociology should inform and educate the reader without disregarding the chosen topic's purpose. When writing dissertations, you can settle for a topic that talks about religion, politics, education, gender, comparison, industries, or criminology, and here are a few of such topics.

  1. How do modern UK residents view the popular culture compared to how they did a few years ago
  2. A quick overview of the counterculture elements in the UK 
  3. The pros and cons of the inter sub-cultural social interaction 
  4. How Max Weber's methodological ideas define the current-day cultural development principles and concepts
  5. Analysis of the structure of primary school social guidance and counseling and its impact 
  6. Is the modern public school environment fit for creating and developing inter-fact understanding and harmony among learners?
  7. How a school's learning environment impact how kids perceive macro-level society?
  8. How do public issues and individual problems affect students' performance in the UK according to C Wright Mills's ideas?
  9. Should the UK education system introduce Neo-liberalism as a guiding framework?
  10. How cross-religious values and beliefs in the UK compare?
  11. Does social change and religion relate in any way?
  12. The differences and similarities between sexual issues and gender in the religious perspective 
  13. The impact of electronic and print media on the UK's religious beliefs and perceptions 
  14. How has religion affected marriages in the UK?
  15. The effect of periodic social change in UK families 
  16. Comparison between the costs and benefits of living in extended and nuclear family settings 
  17. How domestic violence affects children?
  18. Social factors contributing to increased domestic violence in UK families 
  19. How do public, academic, and government bodies respond to family diversity, and what are the impacts of such responses to modern family settings?
  20. Does the white-collar and blue-collar social divide still affect the UK's current economy?
  21. Analyzing the UK's economy according to Marx's capitalism critique
  22. The positive impact of local socio-economic development on the informal economy 
  23. A thorough analysis of the communist model and its usefulness to the modern UK's society 
  24. A quick look at UK's family intra-household economy relationships 
  25. Time-tested ways big organizations can use to manage cultural diversity and harmony 
  26. Fundamental features of the UK's industrial societies 
  27. Relationship between worker's motivation and productivity 
  28. The standard social forces responsible for shaping gender relationships in modern societies 
  29. The effect of religion on gender roles and relations 
  30. The impacts of societal power politics on female roles assignment 
  31. The role of media in shaping modern society's gender roles 
  32. The effect of religion on gender roles and relations 
  33. What triggers discrimination towards female workers in modern workplaces?
  34. Analysis of social equality between non-religious and religious countries 
  35. Comparing Russian's and UK's family structure 
  36. Comparison between India's and United Kingdom's perception of the family as a social institution 
  37. Comparison between the perception of gender issues in the Middle East and UK's societies 
  38. UK's warfare state system and everything you should know 

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