Academic Writing Lessons: Phrases To Use In A Dissertation Introduction

Writing is an art of creativity that students develop as they progress to higher levels of academia. When you have been assigned a term paper on a given topic, one of the basic things you should look into as student is how to come up with a great introduction. It is also important to take into account the fact that there are different forms of writing and these ranges from article or essay writing, research paper writing, proposal writing, thesis to dissertation writing. Each type of academic literary composition is bound by certain rules which a student must take into account when crafting a piece. While a lot will always be taught in class regarding how to come up with good term papers, pretty much remains for a student to find out through extensive reading because creativity in academic writing is founded on how much knowledge one gathers on certain aspects of learning. Well, a dissertation introduction is guided by its own principles if you want to come up with something catchy and that which will make someone want to read your paper on and on. In this regard, one of the central issues regarding introduction for this term paper is the type of phrases which should be used. In other words, these can be termed as key words ideal for introducing your paper.

A lot regarding how to go about crafting a great introduction of term papers has been written on. However, to avoid a mix up, this post takes you through key phrases you should always use in your dissertation paper if you want good grades, so read on for details.

  • When writing a dissertation, there are phrases which are commonly used and by extension very important. For introduction, there are specific ones each and every student must know. Examples include Explores the reason behind, a look into the effects of, aims to show, assess the effects or impacts of, build on tested results and many more
  • In the literature review section, there are also specific phrases often used and they include such like the author indicates that, the writer gives a descriptive account of , the author shows or has shown that, and many more
  • Under the significance of the study, there are also phrases often used and they include, the theory is developed to explain that…, this study build on our understanding that…., and more

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